Jonathan Prestwich



To work productively people need individual space to focus, areas to concentrate in small groups and areas to gather as a team. As well as these specific spaces there is also a need for people to roam naturally as they would at home. This natural behaviour in the workplace can allow for chance meetings, a sharing of information and a sense of belonging within the workplace.


Spaces can be created with a variety of bench components and the use of an upholstered screen attached to any backrest. The hight of the screen was designed to be high enough to allow people a visual and acoustic barrier from the rest of the work place but low enough to be able to look over whilst seated, allowing privacy whilst keeping a connect with the rest of the workplace.


Q6 gives an efficient use of space, allowing specific tasks to be carried out with the same furniture used for break out zones. The large range of components gives architects and designers the opportunity to create natural and efficient spaces specific to the needs of each office.

produced by DAVIS