Jonathan Prestwich
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With advances in communication technology, we find our selves permanently available, globally connected and highly stimulated. M75 addresses this new way of life by bringing an elegant calm to our environment with a visually quiet design and intelligent adaptive ergonomics.


Designed in collaboration with Burkhard Vogtherr as Davis Furnitures 75th Anniversary chair.


“The design of the chair is like a static sculpture that comes alive with movement when in use.”

The design of M75 intentionally conceals its mechanism and any trace of construction. Visually communicating only comfort and elegance, bringing calm that does not demand attention or technical understanding.

When sitting on M75 the only adjustment needed is the seat height. The mechanism adapts automatically to each individual’s weight with no need for technical understanding, avoiding distraction and fitting seamlessly into our lives.


M75 is available with mid or high back, aluminium loop or upholstered arm. The aluminium loop arm is available with or without arm pad.


produced by DAVIS